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5 out of 5 stars based on 24 reviews.

Patient Review by Savanna S

I had a great experience. My recovrry is great, although the surgical part of my lip is not doing so good. Some of my stitches looks like they came out and maybe I'm paranoid, but it looks like some of the stich is open and its scaring me.

- Savanna S

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Patient Review by Desiree J

Dr Christensen did a great job with my sinus lift and implants. Him and his staff are really nice and care about their patients.

- Desiree J

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Patient Review by Tenne T

I live in Idaho, and gladly commute 260 miles round trip for Dr. Kyke Christensen's expertise,kind,gentle and friendly professional dental and surgical care. His staff members are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I know I am in good hands when I am in the care of Dr. Christensen and his staff.

- Tenne T

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Patient Review by randall k

Not a single thing about my procedure could be improved. Totally satisfied! Most dentistry isn't "fun" and doesn't "feel good" ... but this was about as good s it gets.

- randall k

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Patient Review by Cinthia Beltran

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Great staff and Dr Kyle was amazing!

- Cinthia Beltran

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Patient Review by Mike P

Five stars - or ten stars - I can't see the place where I'm supposed to leave the star rating, It doesn't show up on this browser, but whatever stars are possible, I rate the highest number of stars. I don't usually leave reviews, but I am very impressed with Dr. Christensen and his professionalism and friendliness. Also, he was very helpful when dealing with difficult insurance - thank you.

- Mike P

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Patient Review by Don O

A business is the sum of its business Processes. I will outline, comment and rate each process(Scale 1-10). 1. Web site access for making contact; Easy To Use; (10). 2. Making Appointment; Answered immediately by employee, who was courteous, friendly and made appointment with desired date and time, (10). 3. Registering dental information via web site; Easy to use and complete (10). 4. Arriving for Appointment; I arrived 1/2 early, staff had all paperwork ready for me to sign and took me to room early (10). 5. Pre-Operation Procedure; Without waiting, began to prepare me for surgery, (10). Operation; Dr. Christensen arrived early, spent some time talking and began procedure, very efficient without discomfort. I didn't wait during entire process and was completed in about 45 minutes, (10+). 6. Post-Operative; I went into an office where staff provided me with instructions but did not review the instructions. I would have preferred to have the instructions reviewed while in the office. My next appointment was scheduled (8). This is an excellent managed business with superb care by staff and Dr. Christensen. My overall rating would be (10)

- Don O

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Patient Review by Lori S

Could not have asked for a better experience! Great staff and Dr Kyle was fantastic. My son has Type 1 diabetes, so I was a little more nervous about the procedure. Dr Kyle meet with me several weeks before the surgery to help decide what the best plan was for my son's treatment. I felt very comfortable and confident in the care he would receive! Thank you!!

- Lori S

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Patient Review by Kelly O

Dr. Christensen removedmy boys wisdom teeth. It was very quick. My boys had very little pain or swellingand only took pain meds for one day. Dr. Christensen was super great at explaining the details to us before the procedure. The staff gave good instructions for after the procedure was performed, before we left the office. We where in and out in a very reasonable time.

- Kelly O

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Patient Review by Robert M

I hate going to the dentist. I like my real teeth. I didn't know Dr. Christensen. My dentist referred me on short notice. Dr. Christensen was the best. He explained all options and didn't try to sell me gold teeth. He gave me options and wanted to do whatever I thought was best for me. The extraction was quick and hardly any pain. I expected to have a miserable experience. I was coaching later that night. If I have any future extractions, implants, etc. I will only go to Dr. Christensen. He was fair and an expert. Trust me, I'm not a homer. I expect a terrible experience at places like this.

- Robert M

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