A business is the sum of its business Processes. I will outline, comment and rate each process(Scale 1-10). 1. Web site access for making contact; Easy To Use; (10). 2. Making Appointment; Answered immediately by employee, who was courteous, friendly and made appointment with desired date and time, (10). 3. Registering dental information via web site; Easy to use and complete (10). 4. Arriving for Appointment; I arrived 1/2 early, staff had all paperwork ready for me to sign and took me to room early (10). 5. Pre-Operation Procedure; Without waiting, began to prepare me for surgery, (10). Operation; Dr. Christensen arrived early, spent some time talking and began procedure, very efficient without discomfort. I didn't wait during entire process and was completed in about 45 minutes, (10+). 6. Post-Operative; I went into an office where staff provided me with instructions but did not review the instructions. I would have preferred to have the instructions reviewed while in the office. My next appointment was scheduled (8). This is an excellent managed business with superb care by staff and Dr. Christensen. My overall rating would be (10)

- Don O

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